A “hot” romance from… VinaWood!

Để Mai Tính at the Đà Lạt cinema

April saw the Việt Nam premier of Để Mai Tính, a romantic comedy directed by Charlie Nguyễn, produced by and starring Dustin Nguyễn (of 21 Jump Street fame).  The costume designer, Hong Kong-based Minh Singer—who alerted us to the film—writes:  “Việt Kiều lovely and charismatic Kathy Uyên plays a singer and is the leading actress, but the Vietnamese actor Thái Hòa steals the show!  He is just hilarious.  This movie is important because Thái Hòa plays a lovable gay character, which is influencing Vietnamese to be more accepting of the gay community.  The movie is also currently the highest grossing movie in Việt Nam, which is setting a precedent for cinemas in Việt Nam to give Vietnamese films higher priority than Hollywood films.”

Not having seen the film myself, I can only point to the film’s official site, a Vietnamese review including a trailer, another review, and an interview with the director.

Thanks, Minh!  We warmly welcome announcements like this—get in touch via the “contact us” page.


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