What Happened in November 2011: Some News and Events

Contributor Julie Nguyễn offers a critical recap of Tháng 11 or November news and events in the general interest of a Vietnamese American. She most likely missed a few things, Vietnamese and not, so if you come across something you think should be shared with the readers, please send them to Julie via this email: ngujle [at] gmail [dot] com.

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I know I missed the October recap, so in brief: Gaddafi killed; racist Halloween gets checked by Ohio Univ student campaign; Diep Tran spotlighted in the LATimes food category; charity Room to Read builds libraries, its impact in Viet Nam; city Da Nang spotlighted for its surfing attraction; stepfather arrested as prime suspect to Jessica Nguyen’s murder; Steve Jobs passed away; and Zucotti Park gets cleared out but Occupy Wall St is still kicking;

And onward.
A city underwater: the regions in and around Bangkok continue to recover from the floods even as it is declared safe for travelers.

Celebrate 15 Women Warriors of the National APA Women’s Forum for their 15th Anniversary: spotlight Nov 8 2011: Jas (Tram) Nguyen.

An interview with the student photojournalist, Brian Nguyen, behind the infamous picture: Pepper-spraying officer terrorizing Occupy UC Davis. (tx VTN)

photo by Brian Nguyen

Boat People SOS, a Vietnamese-American group committed to the aid of Vietnamese refugees was awarded the 6th Asia Democracy and Human Rights Award, presented by the Taiwan Foundation for Democracy. Read more about it here.

There’s a disturbing article about women this month, seemingly placing the blame of hetero-relationship troubles squarely on women’s shoulders rather than examining the socio-economic behaviors that undermine these relationships in the first place. I’m not satisfied with the recoup at the end. This is the kind of thing that places women as less-than and leads to the violence against us.

Spotted this on Change.org: Criminal Justice Petition: youth deserves second chance for not involving in a shooting. Free Khoi Quach.

Thanhha Lai’s Inside Out & Back Again has won the 2011 National Book Award in Young People’s Literature. Diacritics covered it here. Congrats!

Stephane Gauger’s Saigon Electric wins Best Narrative Feature at the Philly Asian Film Fest.

Magnetic North and Taiyo Na re-release Home:Word (Deluxe Edt), remastered & with 6 new songs.

Some eye candy: model Bao Hoa is featured in this month’s Elle VN. Enjoy.

Condom dress by Nguyen Minh Tuan gets rave reviews! Awareness for World AIDS Day.

Tila Tequila is featured in this month’s Urban Ink Magazine and will reveal her new back tattoo on the season premiere of NY Ink. You can view her magazine spread over here.

Julie Nguyễn likes toads a lot but only eats vegetables.

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