1975: A Kickstarter Campaign for Contemporary Cambodian Art

Help fund this important new show featuring three Cambodian woman artists. 

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1975! What happened in 1975? Where were you in 1975? 

Please help support and spread the word about this important exhibition from the Cambodian Diaspora! 

1975: Contemporary Art from three Cambodian woman artists

Anida Yoeu Ali | Amy Lee Sanford | LinDa Saphan
curated by Chuong-Dai Vo

On view April 27 to May 26, 2013
Opening reception: Sat, April 27, 2013, 6-8pm

1975: A Kickstarter Campaign ends April 17, the date the Khmer Rouge took over Phnom Penh! This exhibition will re-write that date as a day of empowerment!

LinDa Saphan Midnight 2011 ink on rice paper mounted on canvas 10×20 in

This exhibit, 1975, is historically significant because it is the only visual art event that foregrounds the contributions of woman artists and diasporic Cambodian artists to the construction of a post-war and post-genocide society. The show coincides with Season of Cambodia in New York.

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This group exhibition brings together three diasporic Cambodian women artists whose works exemplify the dynamic contemporary art scene in Phnom Penh: Anida Yoeu Ali’s embroidered canvases and video installation recall life in a refugee camp following the fall of the Khmer Rouge; Amy Lee Sanford’s video and photographs share with viewers the process of uncovering a difficult history, the turmoil of the late 1960s and 1970s, as told in letters written by a father she never knew; and LinDa Saphan’s drawings of apartment buildings and architectural monuments in current-day Phnom Penh take us back to her mother’s memories of living there.

Amy Lee Sanford République Khmère (January 13, 1975) 2013 print, dimensions variable

Kickstarter Campaign to fund 1975


Anida Yoeu Ali Living Camp 2013 one-channel video projection & mosquito nets, dimensions variable



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