Top Five Most Critical of October

It’s here! The Top Five most read posts of October on diaCRITICS! Read your favorites again or discover something you’ve overlooked. So, stay tuned to see which posts make it to the top! 

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Here are the posts that got the most views, in ranked order, for October. Be sure to check out the Top Five Most Critical Posts of All Time for diaCRITICS as well.


1. Kap Yuon: Cambodia’s Deadly Anti-Vietnamese Rhetoric




2. Jade Hidle: On the Road in Vietnamese America—Washington, D.C.


The main building in Eden Center. The adjacent structure is called "Saigon East."
The main building in Eden Center. The adjacent structure is called “Saigon East.”


3. Part of Memory is Forgetting





4. Thuy Linh: My Imaginary Film Project




5. A Story About Another Time By An Author of a Different Generation





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