Voices of Vietnam

Voices of Vietnam recently launched their new website focusing on raising awareness about the assaults committed by South Korean soldiers during the Vietnam War.


Voices of Vietnam
Voices of Vietnam is an organization dedicated to bringing light to the thousands of Vietnamese women who experienced being sexually assaulted at the hands of South Korean soldiers during the Vietnam War. Other than spreading awareness of these atrocities, Voices of Vietnam seeks to have these stories recognized by the South Korean government by having President Park Geun-hye issue a public apology. At this time, the South Korean government has not formally acknowledged these crimes, or given compensation to the victims of these injustices.

Currently, the site features 10 stories of different individuals whose lives have been drastically changed because of these assaults. These people include women who have been assaulted, their mixed Vietnamese-South Korean children, known as the Con Lai Dai Han, and people who witnessed their mother’s rape as children. Each of the survivors’ testimonies can be viewed on their website.

Voices of Vietnam has launched a petition calling for President Park to publicly apologize for the atrocities committed by South Korean soldiers. As of October 19th, the 29,000 signatures have been delivered to the South Korean Embassy in Washington, DC. You can learn more and sign the on-going petition here.

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