In the Diaspora: November 2019

Socio-cultural, literary, and political news and events relating to Việt Nam and to the Vietnamese diaspora.

■ News from the Diaspora ■

Vietnam To Repatriate 39 Nationals Found Dead In UK Truck
39 Vietnamese trafficked victims found in truck

Lost & found: Maine mother finds out she is Vietnamese woman’s long-lost child
Mother and daughter reunited

Two Tet parades? A group wants to hold a second event in Garden Grove early next year
2019 Tet Parade

■ News from Việt Nam ■

Viet Nam: Activist detained on her return to country
Activist Dinh Thao

Vietnam reach 16-year peak in FIFA rankings
Vietnamese soccer players

Vietnamese Lawyer Who Offered to Defend Dissident Blogger is Sentenced to Term of House Arrest
Human rights lawyer Tran Vu Hai

Vietnam Court Rejects Appeal by US Citizen Michael Nguyen, Returns Him to Prison
Michael Nguyen

■ Other ■

Poverty, Ambition Drive Vietnam’s ‘Underground Labor’ Movement to West, Scholars Say
Victim Nguyen Van Hung

New Study: 300 Million Face Severe Risk of Climate-Fueled Coastal Flooding by 2050
Rising flood level will affect Vietnam

Projected flood level affecting Vietnam

■ More ■

Brussels man jailed for human smuggling of Vietnamese nationals

‘Traumatised’ Vietnamese man detained in UK for two years despite evidence he was trafficking victim

Vietnam Needs to ‘Struggle’ More in the South China Sea

Vietnam Free Expression Newsletter No. 46/2019 – Week of November 11-17

Ibaraki to invite more Vietnamese workers

Vietnam Keeps Producing Its Own Smartphones, So Why Don’t They Sell?

South China Sea crisis: How the US could help Vietnam stop Beijing

Latinized Vietnamese Writing System Celebrates 400 Years


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