In the Diaspora: May 2020

Socio-cultural, literary, and political news relating to the Vietnamese diaspora and to Việt Nam

News from the Diaspora

Nail salons outraged, ask Newsom for proof of 1st COVID-19 community spread
Nail salon

Refugee recalls harrowing Vietnam escape . . .Alice Cao Kennedy

South Vietnam flag flies in Victoria to remember 1975 exodus
South Vietnam flag flies in Victoria

News from Việt Nam

Vietnam defies the odds on Covid-19
Vietnam implements lockdown

Healthy mice mark ‘initial success’ for Vietnamese Covid-19 vaccineVietnam research for COVID-19 vaccination

New Research Shows Vietnam Has Very Rich Genetic Diversity
Rich Genetic Diversity

New report outlines potentially disastrous scenario for Ho Chi Minh City
Potential flooding areas

Apple to produce millions of AirPods in Vietnam amid pandemic
Apple shifting AirPods production to Vietnam

More / Other

Let’s not forget the human suffering.
Of Human Suffering

84 racers to start 18-stage HTV Cup in Vietnam this week

Coronavirus and America’s Vietnam Syndrome

Keep Fishing, Vietnam Tells Citizens After China Ban in Disputed Sea

America’s racial contract is showing in the COVID-19 pandemic

Man who ‘organized’ trafficking wanted in Britain over 39 lorry deaths

Thoughts on the Liberation of Saigon and the end to America’s Genocidal War Against . . .

Vietnam has second fastest 4G download speed in Southeast Asia

Vietnam may sue China on South China Sea

VIDEO: What life after lockdown looks like in Vietnam

Vietnam Free Expression Newsletter No. 20/2020 – Week of May 11-17

Vietnamese Facebook User Hit With Five-Year Prison Term Amid Tightening Restrictions on Press Freedoms

PBS Frontline’s film, “China Undercover” shows how China oppresses the Uyghur.

Behind the Walls: Uyghurs Detail their Experience in China’s Secret ‘Re-education’ Camps

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