Soundtracks of the Diaspora

“Ghi Ta” by Brian Hoang.

We’re excited to present our first special issue of diaCRITICS!

For this issue, we asked writers and artists for their takes on the music of the Southeast Asian diaspora.  What does music mean to those in the diaspora? How are those meanings different between generations? And what does it mean to be an active participant in this kind of cultural production?

The answer is, of course, varied and is as diverse as the diaspora itself. And so are the ways of expressing it—from memoirs to essays to poetry, and even a hybrid piece. Also included are profiles of musicians making waves on the cultural landscape. Embedded in many of these pieces are music videos and songs. It is a music issue after all!

We hope this issue acts like a symphony: through many instruments and players comes a larger, beautiful sound.

Read. And listen. And rock on!

Eric Nguyen
Editor in Chief

“Có Nhớ Đêm Nào” by Phương Tâm.


Eric Nguyen is the Editor in Chief of diaCRITICS.


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