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Video Editor for ÁCCENTED Program — Volunteer / Internship Opportunity

DVAN is pleased to announce a Volunteer/Internship opportunity for Video Editor of our ÁCCENTED program! This is an exciting opportunity. Read the description and apply!


As we wind down and take our annual December hibernation, we invite you take a look at all we've published this year.

Celebrating Asian German Filmmakers with Trang Le Hong and Yung Ngo

"It was diverse and a lot of strong women were represented. There is no other event in Germany that I have been to that I can compare it with."

In the Diaspora: November 2023

News from Việt Nam and from Vietnamese Abroad►War Remnants Museum exhibition pays tribute to Vietnam's past►Asia's communist regimes are breaking their intergenerational social contracts►Report:...

Nhà Home

I’ve come to think of “home” as something that begins but cannot end with family.

Nhớ Nước

I think writing and reading and engagement with language all go together.

Mình Là Ai?

It wasn’t just about showcasing writers and artists but it was also about acknowledging the history that comes before us.

Between Shopkeeper and Tycoon: Diversity in Southeast Asian Chinese American Literature

Deeply sensitive to the repercussions of history on the present day, Southeast Asian Chinese American literature draws on the pluralism of Southeast Asia to explore how colonial and Cold War experiences play out in subsequent generations.

Rituals of the Damned

Remember when we used to go to the Popeyes in Arlington after the cemetery and split a family combo?

In the Diaspora: October 2023

News from Vietnamese Abroad and from Việt Nam►'Severely punished': Vietnam environmental activists face crackdown►Vietnam: The Challenges of Investing in Social Good►Vietnam calls for end...