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In the Diaspora: January 2023

►‘Together we can do big things:’ Vietnamese community celebrates Lunar New Year ►Vietnamese EV company VinFast to open over 30 showrooms in California ►Vietnamese community seeks...

Intercolonial Intimacies: A Conversation with Paula C. Park

Paula C. Park, in Intercolonial Intimacies: Relinking Latin/o America to the Philippines 1898-1964, retraces linguistic and cultural proximities that underline networks of kinship between the Philippines and Latin America. These networks help us to better understand the distant, yet interconnected regions impacted still by the legacies of colonialism, but not by centering the US and Spanish empires.

Fernweh, again

And perhaps I had seen all of it before, in one way or another, once upon a time in Vietnam.

Diasporic Vietnamese Artists Network Series, Texas Tech University Press: Call for Submissions

Deadline: March 31st, 2023 DVAN and Texas Tech University Press are pleased to announce that their book series will be open for submissions from early...


dandelions my words my penonly hold them with compassionturning pages by Fitzgerald & Kaneto see the best soulsget caught in dualitiesblazed money, blood &...

What’s the Vietnamese Word for Frustrated?

How do I say “frustrated” in Vietnamese? I’m looking for a word to use in everyday conversation, not a literary or archaic word used in poetry hundreds of years ago.

Book Review: Mouth, Sugar, & Smoke by Eric Tran

Medicine can cure and kill. This dual notion is explored with care and a beauty that borders on the grotesque in Eric Tran’s 2022 poetry collection Mouth Sugar & Smoke.