“Dandelion” by Carlin (Flickr)

dandelions my words my pen
only hold them with compassion
turning pages by Fitzgerald & Kane
to see the best souls
get caught in dualities
blazed money, blood & tears
dripping between the legs
eyes sucked out of sockets
circulating forever in ngũ uẩn
fun & shame spilled out on
stage they call it life dandelions
you don’t need to be something
you’re already something & breathing
only scribble if the tea is clear in
the cup gentleness is so underrated but
i don’t live for rating the cosmos
is timeless & forever pink
like a sincere kiss or virgin
wine stains after so much blood dandelions your ligules land on my dreams
hold my pen & breathing
& you see how poetry
keeps you deep & alive like
fresh dews on grass in spring not corpses remember i don’t trade my words
for despair even if you get it
as a delicate pricey bonus gift.

Nhi Do is a Vietnamese English teacher. She earned a B.A in English Pedagogy at Hue University, Vietnam, and an M.A in English and American Literary and Cultural Studies at Paderborn University, Germany. Her creative works in English have appeared on We Are a Website and Queer Southeast Asia Journal.


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