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Book Review: Daughters of the New Year by E.M. Tran

Diasporic movements can distort narratives to unrecognizable lengths. Memories are buried with trauma, and the interconnectedness of generations can be lost. Such ideas are pondered in E.M. Tran’s Daughters of the New Year

Culinary Objects: An Interview with Jean Alex Quach

Using food was a way for me to have access to the story, to these stories.

In the Diaspora: May 2023

News from the Diaspora and from Việt Nam►Viêt Kiêu Find a “Home for Now” in Ho Chi Minh City►Noodle vendor who parodied Salt Bae...

“Broken Rice Style”: A Conversation with Kimberly Nguyễn

In the Bible, water transforms by cleansing, but you can always become dirty again. But if you put something through fire, it comes out completely different. When you burn something to ashes, you cannot undo that. I am really fascinated by the transformative quality of fire.

Film Review: Nocebo by Lorcan Finnegan

For a film that has no short supply of horror, both psychological and visceral, I find these scenes the most dreadful precisely because both are all too common scenarios involving migrant live-in care workers, often women coming from labor-exporting countries like the Philippines.

My Father and the River

“Be patient,” he said, as if he could hear my thoughts. “You need to understand what I’m about to say, okay?”

The Girl Before Her by Line Papin

French Vietnamese writer Line Papin’s stunning English- language debut, The Girl Before Her offers a window into the existential anguish of displacement as experienced by a child on the cusp of becoming a woman. Part meditation, part family history, part message in a bottle to her younger selves, Papin’s lyrical work of autofiction explores what it takes to embrace one’s multiracial, transnational self by making peace with the generations of women who’ve come before.

A roundtable with the curators of Wandering Salon

unthaitled x KAUM Film+++festival 2023 Wandering Salon is a collaborative project between the collectives unthaitled, Soydivision and curators spanning film screenings, performances, workshops, talks and other activities. It departs from a conceptual space reminiscent of the salon, the room in a house where guests - friends and strangers alike - are welcomed and entertained. These places exist in households all over Southeast Asia (ห้องโถงเคลื่อนที่, Salon dạo, Salon Keliling), as temporary communal spaces of encounters that fosters conversations and new forms of togetherness and solidarity.

An Ode to Hennessy

What earthly business does cognac—a liquor that’s popular and made specifically in France—have being such a mainstay in Vietnamese culture?

In the Diaspora: April 2023

News from the Diaspora and in Việt Nam►More than 2 million U.S. residents claim Vietnamese ancestry or origin►A Vietnamese family grows a new garden...