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Book Review: 36 Ways of Writing a Vietnamese Poem

While raw and brutalist in its self-critique, Le’s poetry also grants grace to the immigrant child who becomes a writer.

Poetry: ancestral

my memory is a respite is a mirage is a forgetting

Book Review: The Manicurist’s Daughter

The body is a major theme in Lieu’s stories. The body that exists pluralistically, that takes up multiple cultural spaces, the body as a refugee, and as a body that exists in a culture that promotes ridiculous beauty standards.

Longings: Contemporary Fiction by Vietnamese Women Writers

Drowning Dragon Slips by Burning Plains counters the narrative held in the West about women and the land of the quaintly "lush" and "charming" Mekong Delta.

Pay It Forward

While Mai’s English is not much better than her mother’s, being the eldest, she is expected to be Thiên’s translator and problem-solver during most days.

In the Diaspora: May 2024

►Vietnam’s great untapped rare earth bounty ►Who needs the Orient Express? Vietnam revives steam train travel ►Vietnam signals readiness to support dong as currency hits lows ►Mapping...