Late Night with Seth Meyers

Pulitzer Prize-winning author Viet Thanh Nguyen sits down with Seth Meyers to talk about his refugee experience.

John Vu :: Việt Nam Renovating Dreams

John Vu's latest book, Việt Nam Renovating Dreams, combines essays and photography to capture the Vietnamese diasporic experience. Việt Nam Renovating Dreams A first of its...

Fish in Exile

Vi Khi Nao's novel, Fish in Exile, will make its first appearance on November 1, 2016.

Voices of Vietnam

Voices of Vietnam recently launched their new website focusing on raising awareness about the assaults committed by South Korean soldiers during the Vietnam War.


Aiden Nguyễn is our 75th subscriber. Learn a little more about Aiden here.

Myriam Dao and Phuong Tran Minh: Double Perspective on a Human Geography

The exhibition of Myriam Dao and Phuong Tran Minh, two Asian-European artists of different generations, presents some unknown aspects of History, from French Indochina to Vietnam, with its successive phases of occupation, colonization, decolonization and destructions.

What Happened in February 2013: Some News and Events

What happened in February 2013: news and events relating to Vietnamese at home and in the diaspora. Okay, folks, for those of you who celebrated...

the stories of a girl (những câu chuyện của một cô gái)

DiaCRITIC Nhu Tien Lu Reports on girls and trafficking in Viet Nam. For the past three weeks, I’ve been living and working at Pacific Links’...

An Interview with Bao Phi

Bao Phi strikes again! The spoken word artist and poet graces diaCRITICS yet again with Kim-An Lieberman's interview, speaking about how he sings the...