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as pretty as hanabi


Crossing Generational & Racial Lines (Part 2): “Do you care about me?”

You have to go to the deep personal part, you don't have to do it on purpose. It doesn't have to happen every minute, but there has to be these moments where you settle.

An Open Letter: Atlanta – what exactly happened?

We demonstrate transnational solidarity with Asian American communities. With our political engagement and action, we want to raise awareness for and oppose anti-Asian racism.

Lifting a rose gold sun ~ a poem by Denise Hanh Huynh

Which Asian woman do you/blame for your choices now?

Crossing Generational & Racial Lines (Part 1): “Damn, like, who is this dude?”

But I think one of the things about trying to develop relationships between Asian Americans and African Americans is you have to get to some point of trust and mutual understanding about certain basics

I Know Where My Mother’s Masterpiece Lies ~ a poem by Marque-Lin

i could have been a painter.//she tells me, proud./but i chose freedom.

The AĐERTY Keyboard, an Object of Correspondence

My father’s typewriter was both an object of transit and an object of passage, and looked like a real suitcase. One could easily imagine that he had arrived from his native Tonkin carrying his typewriter case elegantly as his only baggage.

Please See Me ~ a poem by Jennifer Tran

The distance between America and Vietnam is 8,568 miles. The weight of your father’s burdens outweighs and overpowers anything you will ever experience.

Book Review: Lucky Ticket

Lucky Ticket takes its place alongside other collections like Andrew Lam’s Birds of Paradise Lost, Viet Thanh Nguyen’s The Refugees, and Nam Le’s The Boat.