Thị Minh Huyền Nguyễn

Born in Germany, Thị Minh Huyền Nguyễn is a Vietnamese writer, athlete and activist. She started Gold to Green, an online publication and podcast at the intersections of health, running, sustainability and culture in 2011. Having studied and worked in New York City, Huyen has co-founded WocForward in Brooklyn (a monthly exercise club for and by womxn of color) and Wayv Run Kollektiv back in Berlin to elevate queer, Black and brown, underrepresented runners. When Huyen is not writing or running, she’s pursuing a master’s in media studies and involved in anti-racism / empowerment projects such as and

Crossing Borders / Boundaries: A Vietnamese German Diaspora Conversation

"I definitely had an aha moment when I dealt with the Asian-German diaspora. I had the feeling of finally being seen, in my existence. And to see others, in their existence! That was absolutely healing for me."

Art Makers: A Conversation with Filmmaker Carol Nguyen & Writer Julie Mai

"How do you acknowledge that you're an ancestor while also, there are still living ancestors in your life that you're still writing from."

In Between Spaces: On Being Vietnamese German

So, how do you start loving yourself? When the outside world continues to show you and tell you wherever you go, you don’t belong.