Vina Vo


Book Review: A Phở Love Story

The book is mostly light-hearted, quippy and delightfully cringey as it brings you back into awkward adolescence, the heart of the conflict is the mystery around Linh and Bảo’s family feud--a modern reception of Romeo and Juliet and Lan và Điệp.

Compassionate Connection: The Work of Pacific Links Foundation

Sitting in a circle, we clapped in unison singing a traditional Tết song welcoming spring and wishing for a prosperous start to the year. I sat in awe of the resilience and joy that I have been able to witness through my experience at the Compassion House, a reintegration shelter for girls and women who have been victims of human trafficking, opened by the Pacific Links Foundation in 2010.

140LBS for Mother’s Day

A single woman supplied with a folding chair and multiple voices was able to render an entire audience paralyzed with grief. By the end of the show, it seemed clear that while this began as a tale seeking revenge, it was actually a tale of a daughter seeking to understand, connect, and honor her mother by any means necessary, even if it meant ripping apart scars by uncovering her and her family’s unaddressed trauma.