New Wave: A Conversation with Filmmaker Elizabeth Ai On Her Documentary

Wherever new wave was playing was a safe space. They knew they could congregate with other young Vietnamese, and momentarily escape pressures from home, their past trauma, and just be whatever version of themselves they wanted to be.

Behind the Scenes: A Conversation with Filmmaker Bao Nguyen About His Documentary “Be Water”

I had the fortune of interviewing filmmaker and storyteller Bao Nguyen during his press run for his newest film "Be Water," the ESPN 30 for 30 documentary chronicling the personal life and philosophies of legendary martial artist Bruce Lee. 

When a sound is indefinitely reverberated, who thinks of doubting his ears?

The sounds that permeate the places of our memories and our everyday lives can often feel like background noise, negligible to its environs. It's not often that sounds are explored as a source of grounding to a place, and it's exactly what the online exhibition, "Nameless. echoes, spectres, hisses," intends to explore.

Being Seen: Artist Profile of SunKissed Productions

Through it all, there was intergenerational healing and we cried behind and in front of the scenes. That’s the power of art: it can transform traumas into a story that allows so many others to be seen and validated.

Filmmaker Adele Pham & Nailed It Documentary Explore Vietnamese American History

Nailed It is an origin story of the rise of Vietnamese manicurists in what has grown to a multi-million dollar industry. We spoke with filmmaker Adele Pham about the process of making the film, how it's important to record the history of the women and men in an industry that's not often treated with respect, and the balance between making a documentary that "sparks joy" while still sticking to the facts.

Reimagining Futurity: An Online Exhibition of Tuan Andrew Nguyen

It is memory that builds our understanding of the world, and within that larger understanding, it is memory that helps us construct an identity, to build a sense of self.