Hoai Huong Nguyen

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    Hoai Huong Nguyen heradshot


    Hoai Huong Nguyen was born in France. She writes poetry and novels. Her favourite themes are nature and art, but she also writes about history and war. Her first novel The soft shadow (2013) takes place in 1954 during the Indochina War, while her second novel Under the burning sky (2017) evokes the Têt Offensive in Huê, in 1968. Her third novel The dawn’s cry (2019) is an epistolary novel which takes place in An Linh, an imaginary island inspired by Vietnamese and French landscapes. Poetic forms are inserted in her narrative works. She has published collections of poems : Perfumes (2004), Deserts (2008) and Leaves in the wind (2021). Her PhD thesis dealt with « The theme of water in poetry ». She teaches at the University of Versailles, France. Her academic research is about the cultural relationships between France and Vietnam.