she who has no master(s)

Collective Structure

Founded in 2015 as a project of the Diasporic Vietnamese Artists Network, our collective She Who Has No Master(s) is led by its co-founder and creative director, Dao Strom.

Our collective has engaged a total of 14 writers to date. With each project and year, we will continue to invite and add participants. Participation in the collective is designed so that writers may engage at varying degrees of involvement and commitment, depending on individual and projects needs. (For instance: each event we host might present different numbers and arrangements of writers, depending on the given circumstance.) All participation must align with the mission and aesthetic/social/diasporic interests of the collective. Our collaborative activities include multi-voiced writing/art projects, group retreats, workshops, readings, performances, social engagement and community activities. On occasion we also host and interact with emerging writers through workshops and one-off readings.

Our membership is by invitation only. Most of the relationships within our collective have been forged over years of following each other’s work, friendships, and familiarity nurtured through shared literary, academic, and community environments. Criteria for membership includes at least one published book (or a substantial record of art, academic, and/or organizing activities). Our vision is for the collective to grow to contain multiple small “constellations” of events and collaborative creative activity; we are also mindful of keeping the project aligned with its initial guiding spirit–which is one of experiment, nurture, non-competition, and concern with healing, all uniquely rooted in our diasporic connections with one another. We are always on the lookout for new “voices” to add to our circle and would love to know about you and your work. However: please understand that our planning processes take time and we may be slow to respond.

Also, we encourage other groups of writers to follow our model of collaboration if you so wish to. We are currently working on educational and creative organizing guidelines that may serve as templates for others to launch their own collective projects centered around writing, art, and diaspora.

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