Anh Vu Buchanan


#FREEVIETKHANG: Singer Viet Khang Protests the Vietnamese Government

diaCRITIC Anhvu Buchanan reports on jailed singer and Communist critic Viet Khang, and asks you to do something about his cause. As some of you...

Thao Nguyen Music Video directed by Glee’s head cheerleader

Giving the organization, Oxfam America,  exclusive world premiere rights Thao Nguyen releases her new music video for  "Body" off her second release "Know Better...

The Farmers and the Helicopters

If you are fortunate enough to live in New York City I strongly advise you to check out this new art exhibit by Vietnamese...

Thao Nguyen – A Role Model of the Indie Music Variety

I first stumbled upon Thao Nguyen three years ago.  I was immediately in awe of her smokey infectious voice, well crafted lyrics, and beaming stage presence. It was inspiring for me to see a Vietnamese singer songwriter make music on her own terms.