Our Mission

The Diasporic Vietnamese Artists Network (DVAN) celebrates and fosters diasporic Vietnamese literary voices. DVAN promotes nonfiction, fiction, and poetry to empower Vietnamese artists in the diaspora to inspire understanding and dialogue within our community, and with others. Our complex and diverse stories must be championed and passed on to current and future generations. We are refugees, immigrants, survivors, and descendants, and our stories must be heard.

Our Commitment

Here at DVAN, we Empower, Engage, and Educate our four constituents:

  • The Creators: We nurture writers and artists in the development of their creative careers by offering material resources and professional support to help facilitate their visibility and sense of belonging.
  • The Community: We connect creators and their work to the community in the U.S. and to the broader diasporic Vietnamese community in Australia, Canada, France and Vietnam by reading, building, and healing together.
  • The Society at Large: We challenge an American society and culture marked by racial, gender, and class discrimination by showcasing the complexities of diasporic Vietnamese creators, and by extension of the community itself.
  • The Next Generation: We support young diasporic artists and activists to build a future together by cultivating cultural spaces and platforms of intergenerational dialogue across the community.

What We Believe

  • Solidarity with Black, Indigenous, people of color, and those with a shared history of war and colonization is necessary.
  • The stories and aesthetics of a thriving Vietnamese diaspora can unite our global community.
  • More important than giving “voice to the voiceless” is the abolition of all conditions of voicelessness.
  • Dialogues and collaborations between diasporic Vietnamese writers/artists are important to our communities and to society at large.
  • Like all countries, Vietnam is a country—not a war.
  • Like all identities, diasporic Vietnamese identities are diverse, complex, and fluid.
  • Like all writers, Vietnamese writers in the diaspora have the right to express themselves on their own terms.
  • Narrative plenitude – a wide range of voices, perspectives, stylistic approaches and all types of stories (even those not explicitly dealing with “Vietnamese” or “diasporic” topics) – is vital and necessary in order to make evident the complexities within our communities.
  • In coming together as a group across national boundaries we have the potential to bring forth new ideas about identity and citizenship.

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