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The Diasporic Vietnamese Artists Network (DVAN) believes that the stories and creativity of a thriving Vietnamese diaspora can connect our global community. Our mission is to celebrate and foster diasporic Vietnamese literary voices. DVAN promotes nonfiction, fiction, and poetry to empower Vietnamese artists in the diaspora and to inspire understanding and dialogue within our community, and with others. Our complex and diverse stories must be championed and passed on to current and future generations. We are refugees, immigrants, survivors, and descendants, and our stories must be heard.

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Book Review: Happy Endings

An erotically charged, sex-positive book, starring a Vietnamese American woman trying to open a sex shop? Sign me up!

Writing Across: Diasporic Workshops & Talks

DVAN is excited to host Writing Across: Diasporic Workshops & Craft Talks to further support writers and creative members of our community to learn, work, and create alongside established diasporic Vietnamese artists in a collaborative setting.

To Sculpt a Ghost

A voice-like cadence running through the family, whose members are children of many gods, telling them they are accustomed to certain kinds of death. Starvation. Salvation: too many burning desires, enough to bring down a house with it.

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