this is for mẹ

THIS IS FOR MẸ: Love Letter to Asian Women

In this light filled letter to Asian women in the midst of dark times, Xoài Phạm offers a loving reminder of the resilience, beauty and wisdom that we are born from.


"Her perfume is a blend of tiger balm and knock-off Chanel. Her steps are slow, but her eyes are animated. Her grey hair unveils the full life she has led, while her skin is marked  and shriveled by hardship.:

THIS IS FOR MẸ: Con Ăn Bạn Bè Chưa?

Bạn Bè is an homage to friendships, my family who are my best friends, my community, and my future pals I’ll make along the way as I continue to spread Việt love by way of not-too-sweet sweets here in New York City, and beyond.

THIS IS FOR MẸ: Thanksgiving for Living Grace

Lynn Nguyen Boland shares a poetic homily to her mother, meditating on memories of mothering and the complexities of belonging, heritage, language and home.

THIS IS FOR MẸ: Sweet Sweats

Somewhere between this love-hate-consume-inserting dynamics, and somewhere between my coming of age, somewhere in my lung-full of drowsy cries, I defied the things I love. A reversion. The flip one must do to serve râu câu.

THIS IS FOR MẸ: Blood Utterances

"Oh, sure. I mean, it isn’t very spacious, my womb. Always been a little too small. Suffocating, even."