Founders and Directors

Board Members

Wise Council

Our Wise Council is composed of community leaders outside of the organization who work with the staff and board on a macro level by participating in our events, serving as ambassadors for DVAN, and assisting with fundraising.

Advisory Team


Programs & Projects Leads

Editorial Committee

The Editorial Committee oversees DVAN’s imprint collaborations.

Programs & Projects Support Team

  • Mai Lauren Hoang, Shop
  • Philip Nguyen, [email protected] / ÁCCENTED
  • Juan Tellez, Chief Architect / Technical Advisor
  • Cali Tran, Marketing
  • Julie Thi Underhill, Mapping the Diaspora (Research)
  • Annika Le, ÁCCENTED
  • Baonguyen Nguyen
  • Faithe Nguyen
  • Adrian Nguyen