En immersion Le Vietnam dans l’escalier, vu par Hélène Zimmer

[Libération] La romancière française rend compte d’une résidence ce mois-ci dans les Cévennes d’auteurs de la diaspora vietnamienne à l’initiative du DVAN, fondation créée par l’écrivain Viet Thanh Nguyen.

Discovering Joy After My Family’s Traumas During the Vietnam War

[TIME] As a second-generation Vietnamese American I spent much of my youth railing against my heritage. The reasons were as simple as being a normal rebellious teenager, and as complex as not understanding how PTSD could be a catalyst for generational trauma. As an adult I’ve worked hard to appreciate where I come from, but earlier in 2023 at an online Áccented event hosted by the Diasporic Vietnamese Artists Network (DVAN), I found myself, once again, at odds with my community.

Read Your Way Through Hanoi

[The New York Times] Hanoi, long a city of storytellers, has been devastated and reborn time and time again. Nguyễn Phan Quế Mai guides readers through the literature that has played a part in that renewal.

‘Dirty stories’: Vietnamese-American writer’s refugee life in 1980s San Jose becomes poetry

[The Mercury News] The poems in Lan Duong’s debut collection offer a personal view of a momentous time in Bay Area history: When San Jose became home to the largest concentration of Vietnamese people outside of that Southeast Asian nation.

Bao Ninh on coming to terms with trauma in Vietnam

[The Washington Post] The acclaimed writer talks about his new story collection, ‘Hanoi at Midnight,’ and about changes in his country