Spring Cleaning

You do find some solace in the beautiful craftsmanship of the golden Buddhas. The long fingers, long earlobes, and the nose like a bird beak all ascend into the sharp point at the top of the hair mound.

Going Through the Motions

The proper way to sit is boht cheung, with your legs folded to one side. I think it’s supposed to be more graceful than sitting cross-legged. This forces me to sit with my best posture, while guaranteeing that a leg will fall asleep in due time.

The Structures of Trust

My dad recalled his first supernatural encounter during one of the trips down the dirt-roads-turned-trenches. Surrounded by melaleucas on both sides like the devils' crooked arms doming over in the dark, they were in search of drylands where grass and straw were left untouched by water for the cattle at home.

Fernweh, again

And perhaps I had seen all of it before, in one way or another, once upon a time in Vietnam.

What’s the Vietnamese Word for Frustrated?

How do I say “frustrated” in Vietnamese? I’m looking for a word to use in everyday conversation, not a literary or archaic word used in poetry hundreds of years ago.

A letter to my sons

Will you ever hear tiếng Việt and feel like it welcomes you in a soft embrace, a home entering your heart through your ears?