A Tight Fit

Spoken word recording:   You asked me how my hair got so black, and in your very next breath, told me to go back where do you want...


Your breath is / only learning its way eager, sporadic, chasing / the world to catch up

Poems and Visuals by DACBEET

A birthday card as a placemat for spit coated fishbones / Celebration of life and death and near-death / I looked at the ghost in the eye with a taunt / If you are going to take me, take me now — / You won’t.


dandelions my words my penonly hold them with compassionturning pages by Fitzgerald & Kaneto see the best soulsget caught in dualitiesblazed money, blood &...


Kick up the volume and switch on the microphone: green light / activating my father's stage presence.

Notes on Dance

I learned how to dance from Cô Dung. She ghosts my skin.