Book Review: A Clash of Steel

Set in 1826, the protagonists are Xiang, a Chinese girl who has grown up in a small village in Guangdong, and Anh, a Vietnamese girl whose mother is the captain of a trade and fishing ship.

Book Review: Time is a Mother

In his sophomore poetry collection, Time is a Mother, Ocean Vuong meditates on how we think about death as individuals and as a community, and how we shoulder the weight of intergenerational trauma.

Book Review: La Tour

To live in a city is to be constantly surrounded by people and yet feel completely alone. Doan Bui’s La Tour is a novel of these peculiar, unsettling times that we live in.

Book Review: All the Flowers Kneeling

Like many other Vietnamese American authors, Tran's writing navigates a Vietnamese American memory that is modified each time an experience is recalled.

Book Review: The Heart Principle

On the surface, it is a love story about two people, Anna and Quan, both struggling under the weight of their experiences and expectations.

Book Review: Happy Endings

An erotically charged, sex-positive book, starring a Vietnamese American woman trying to open a sex shop? Sign me up!