Book Review: Experiments in Skin

In her latest book, Experiments in Skin: Race and Beauty in the Shadows of Vietnam, New York University professor Thuy Linh Nguyen Tu sheds light on the toxic legacy of Agent Orange used during the Vietnam War by theorizing around skin.

Book Review: Come Clean by Joshua Nguyen

In his debut poetry collection, Come Clean, Joshua Nguyen isn’t afraid to get messy, inviting us into a space that has memory strewn all...

Book Review: Archipelago of Resettlement by Evyn Lê Espiritu Gandhi

Examining the connections between Guam, Vietnam, and Israel-Palestine, Evyn Lê Espiritu Gandhi engages in what she calls "archipelagic history," tracing “connections between spaces on the seeming margins of grand historical narratives in order to draw attention to South-South relations.” Archipelago of Resettlement moves between historical and cultural analysis, rejecting the constraints of positivist approaches to social sciences.

Book Review: Drawn Swords in a Distant Land

Departing from existing scholarship, Drawn Swords joins a growing trend to re-examine modern Vietnamese and Vietnamese-American history through the lens of the Republic of South Vietnam.

Film Review: Roh by Emir Ezwan

In the forest of the film named Roh, evil comes out at night. But will you recognize this evil when it has the face of a child? As Malaysian filmmaker Emir Ezwan’s first and indie-sized step into feature-length cinema, Roh both enchants and terrifies.

Book Review: You’ve Reached Sam by Dustin Thao

In Dustin Thao’s debut novel You’ve Reached Sam, seventeen-year-old Julie struggles to readjust to life following the sudden loss of her boyfriend Sam. In a desperate moment of wanting to hear his voice again, Julie dials Sam’s number and is shocked yet delighted when he picks up the phone.