Book Review: All That’s Left Unsaid by Tracey Lien

Debut author Tracey Lien's novel, All That's Left Unsaid, uses the frame of a detective novel to richly explore the aftermath of a violent...

Book Review: Mythical Man by David Ly

To enter the world of David Ly’s debut collection Mythical Man is to enter the body of Ly’s imagined monster: a monster erected to...

Book Review: She is a Haunting by Trang Thanh Tran

At the center of She is a Haunting is Nhà Hoa, or “Flower House”, a 1920s villa built by French colonizers in Đà Lạt, and abandoned by the French and Americans after the Vietnam War.

Book Review: Mouth, Sugar, & Smoke by Eric Tran

Medicine can cure and kill. This dual notion is explored with care and a beauty that borders on the grotesque in Eric Tran’s 2022 poetry collection Mouth Sugar & Smoke.

Book Review: Pop Song by Larissa Pham

Pop Song is a beautiful work of criticism as it is a memoir, with Pham’s articulation of doubt, fear, and her attempts at love so raw and poignant.

Book Review: Salted Plums by Alison Hồng Nguyễn Lihalakha

Alison Hồng Nguyễn Lihalakha’s Salted Plums holds up a mirror to the experience of Vietnamese people whose diaspora took a detour away from the common direct route to California.