Rice in Three Different Stages ~ poems by Melina Kritikopoulos

Harvested only a few weeks ago. / Slumped over and exhausted, grain / Lay upon grain, shivering in the / Nakedness of the woven plastic bag

Technically, Not Tenderly

Just as the Atlantic and Pacific Ocean come together and become undistinguishable at some point, I am equally immersed in both Vietnamese and English. 

“Comma, They’re Dead”: A Conversation with Thirii Myo Kyaw Myint

Deputy Editor Sydney Van To talks to Thirii Myo Kyaw Myint about Burmese cosmology, endings and beginnings, nationalism, and literary representation.

In the Diaspora: July 2022

News from Việt Nam ►Remains of 200,000 Vietnam War soldiers still missing, 300,000 unidentified ►Vietnam among top destinations for American retirees ►Vietnam sees Jan-July trade surplus at...

Brothers and Ghosts

We were ready to be anything—except who we were. There was no place for us in nineties Germany.

What I’d Leave Behind

My mom used to remind me of a Vietnamese folktale when I was a little girl, for those times I wasn’t perfectly obedient. “You should be careful,” my mom would say. “The gods could turn you into a pineapple.”

on being chị hai ~ a poem by Kimberly Nguyễn

i am the eldest daughter of an eldest daughter of an eldest daughter

In the Diaspora: June 2022

News outside Việt Nam ►Vietnamese Automaker VinFast Plants an Electric Foot in the American Market News from Việt Nam ►Energy-efficient buildings on the rise in Vietnam ►Indian naval...

Book Review: Archipelago of Resettlement by Evyn Lê Espiritu Gandhi

Examining the connections between Guam, Vietnam, and Israel-Palestine, Evyn Lê Espiritu Gandhi engages in what she calls "archipelagic history," tracing “connections between spaces on the seeming margins of grand historical narratives in order to draw attention to South-South relations.” Archipelago of Resettlement moves between historical and cultural analysis, rejecting the constraints of positivist approaches to social sciences.

Book Review: Drawn Swords in a Distant Land

Departing from existing scholarship, Drawn Swords joins a growing trend to re-examine modern Vietnamese and Vietnamese-American history through the lens of the Republic of South Vietnam.