Qui Nguyen, ‘Raya and the Last Dragon,’ and a Southeast Asian Moment

For me, it was also letting me be able to give my personal touch, as a Vietnamese American, who desperately wanted to see a hero like this for my kids.

The Ho Truth

For a reality series, HBO’s "House of Ho" is bad at fitting into the confines of its genre. Then again, the Hos are bad at fitting into the confines of stereotypes. 

A Relation To Infinity

"Last summer when my grandma on my dad’s side passed, my parents attended the funeral in Saigon. They burned a piece for me. They conjured me. I was transported to them, made present by a flame."

Making Meaning: A Conversation with Artist Quynh Lam

"Further, the art is as much for the audience as it is for me, in that I alone do not get to decide what my art means."

102°f in California ~ a poem by Au-Co Tran

saigon came back to me in waves/fans blasting on max, slicing hot air

Hội Nghệ sĩ Việt Nam Hải ngoại DVAN lên tiếng về bạo lực đối với người Mỹ gốc Á Châu

Trong niềm thương tiếc sâu xa và nhằm lên án tội ác, bản lên tiếng này là một trong nhiều nguồn hỗ trợ, sự đoàn kết và ủng hộ gần đây trước vụ thảm sát mang tính chống người gốc Á diễn ra tại tiểu bang Georgia vừa qua.

A Non-Comprehensive List of Resources on Anti-Asian Violence and Protecting Asian Women

Fundraisers Memorial fundraisers for families of the spa shootings victims Relief fund by Asian Americans Advancing Justice in Atlanta, GA The AAPI Community Fund Family Fund by the...

On Anti-Asian Violence, and Collective Life

A tender lamentation and vigilant condemnation, this statement is one of many during the recent outpouring of support, solidarity, and sustenance in light of...

Apocalypse Never: Writing Our Origin Stories and Imaginative Futures as Montagnard Americans

If history is made durable by the survival of the written records, as Montagnard Americans in the twenty-first century, a radical act against our historical erasure is to write our stories now.

A Surveillance: Review of Quynh Lam’s “I Am Not a Spy”

I Am Not a Spy is a claustrophobic performance. The audience is locked out of the gallery but can watch her either through the...