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Live it / On Haunting

at the witching hour, I grieve for the alternative life my mother never lived

Oakland Night Question

San Francisco is thirty minutes away. If I want my story to end before morning, I’d better start now. 

In the Diaspora: January 2024

News from the Diaspora and from Việt Nam ►Half of Japanese firms in Vietnam seek expansion ►A large percentage of European plastic sent to Vietnam ends...

Reflections on the Oceans Before It Tries To Swallow Me Whole

i think back to the iridescence of the reefs under this part of the sea

DVAN 2023 Writers’ Retreat in Southern France

“I really joined this residency to meet other authors from different cultural environments. …We talked, we listened, we engaged in dialogues,” Aubert-Nguyen said. “It helped me better understand their narrative styles, their esthetics, their oeuvres. Because we talked a lot about literature, but also art, music, graphic novels, traveling and cuisine. So it was very full and very diverse.”

A Sky on Fire

The true North was a land of nothing. Of nothing to do. Nowhere to go. And no one to meet.

Generational Trauma

You’re never alone when you look in the mirror.

Remembering Nguyễn Quí Đức

Radio broadcaster, writer, editor, and translator Nguyễn Quí Đức passed in November 2023.

In the Diaspora: December 2023

News from Việt Nam and the Vietnamese Diaspora ►Vietnamese restaurant closes after drowning 300 cats each month ►Vietnam Growth Slips on Exports Drop, Anti-Corruption Push ►Vietnam reports...