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Book Review: Banyan Moon by Thao Thai

In Banyan Moon, Thao Thai’s debut novel, three generations of women find their way home, from southern Vietnam’s incendiary tropical heat to the claustrophobic innards of a vast gothic mansion on Florida’s swampland coast.

In the Diaspora: June 2023

►'Dirty stories': Vietnamese-American writer’s refugee life in 1980s San Jose becomes poetry►US Aircraft Carrier Arrives In Vietnam►Over 50,000 students are studying the Korean language►From...

‘Dirty stories’: Vietnamese-American writer’s refugee life in 1980s San Jose becomes poetry

[The Mercury News] The poems in Lan Duong’s debut collection offer a personal view of a momentous time in Bay Area history: When San Jose became home to the largest concentration of Vietnamese people outside of that Southeast Asian nation.

“All My Poetry is Nonfiction”: A Conversation with Sydney Do

I think one of my first poems was for my English class in middle school. We had to write poetry which inspired me to write about the experiences in my life. I had my first little crush and it didn’t go well so I wrote about that. And then my grandma had passed away shortly after so I just continued on with writing as a form of therapy.

Bao Ninh on coming to terms with trauma in Vietnam

[The Washington Post] The acclaimed writer talks about his new story collection, ‘Hanoi at Midnight,’ and about changes in his country

Giờ Xanh / Blue Hour ~ a poem by Võ Đức Quang

Hôm nay về khách sạn  trong thành phố lạ một mình.  Ôi lòng tình sắc bén hơn lòng chiề và tuổi anh biết tìm ai? 

Book Review: Dust Child by Nguyễn Phan Quế Mai

In 2016, an Amerasian man named Phong sits at the American consulate in Hồ Chí Minh City, Việt Nam, and waits with bated breath for a visa approval that never comes