Yearly Archives: 2019

“Outline of Our Bodies”: Video Poems by Vi Son Trinh

Part poem. Part fluent. Part Viet. Part not. These visual diaries are my way of understanding the complexity of being in two separate places at the same time.

Editor’s Note: Looking Toward 2020

Two years ago this time I was preparing to assume the editorship of this blog, diaCRITICS, from Viet Thanh Nguyen, and having many thoughts...

In the Diaspora: December 2019

■ News from the Diaspora ■►DNA tests of the confirms the identities Of all 39 Vietnamese found dead inn truck in October.►Thich Nhat Hanh...

THIS IS FOR MẸ: The Worlds Between My Wings

While switching between my identities as Loan the Vietnamese refugee and Kim the American professional has sometimes been an emotionally draining, isolating experience, I have grown to become creative, resourceful, resilient, and empathetic as a result of navigating the in-between.

Book Review: The Beautiful Ones Are Not Yet Born

And so this is the ultimate loss, the thing that haunts us the most, because it’s the ghost of not being heard through the sound of the gun, through the sound of War, through the voices of others. This is the lesson that carries itself throughout The Beautiful Ones Are Not Yet Born.

Publishing Your Novel Won’t Cure You

Most debut novels are projects of confession, pleas for understanding, manifestations of an author’s attempt to rescue herself. My own debut novel, If I Had Two Lives, was for me the beginning of a wish⎯a harsh whisper after years of silence, a blindfolded dive into the many tunnels of the subconscious to emerge with something resembling a clear thought, a spark of feelings.

Welcome Home: A Southeast Asian House Party at the Minneapolis Institute of Art

But what does a one-night “takeover” of the Minneapolis Institute of Art by Southeast Asian/American artists and creatives look like? I wanted the evening to feel celebratory, unapologetic, and unexpected.

Life in Vietnam Not Lived: Artist Profile of Mark F. Erickson

"I have been carrying this film around for over a quarter century from Hanoi to Saigon to Boston and to New York. The origin of these photographs lies in the Saigon of the early 1970s where I was a war orphan."

Textures of April 30th: “Between Tower and Sea”

What of this (dis)placement? / What of this (dis)location?

“And I ask him if he’s found it yet.” by Melanie Ho

He bought a convenience store instead. It belonged to an Indian man who would light incense every morning with his palms pressed firmly together, bowing his head not in front of pictures of his deceased grandparents like we do but in front of the cash register.