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In the Diaspora: March 2022

News from Vietnamese Abroad►Vietnamese priest prays for souls of his compatriots►Opinion: As a Vietnam refugee, images of Ukraine brought back dark memories. We must...

Truyện Kiều: The Heirloom of Dissidence

It is interesting to note, when reviewing history, what is left out and by whom.

Book Review: La Tour

To live in a city is to be constantly surrounded by people and yet feel completely alone. Doan Bui’s La Tour is a novel of these peculiar, unsettling times that we live in.

Troubling Borders: An Anthology of Art and Literature by Southeast Asian Women in the Diaspora

stories told dispel stereotypes and take on the complex challenges of colonialism, militarization, love, resistance, family, migration, and more. They reveal the intersectional...


I imagine my mother standing on the street side of Saigon, laughing, and smiling, with a cigarette in her mouth.

Quốc Ngữ: The Shackle that Became the Sword

Increasing access to education for common folk coupled with the centuries-long evolution of Quốc Ngữ provided Vietnamese dissidents with the skills and tools for a cultural renaissance to fuel the fight for independence.