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In the Diaspora: March 2022

News from Vietnamese Abroad ►Vietnamese priest prays for souls of his compatriots ►Opinion: As a Vietnam refugee, images of Ukraine brought back dark memories. We must...

Truyện Kiều: The Heirloom of Dissidence

It is interesting to note, when reviewing history, what is left out and by whom.

Book Review: La Tour

To live in a city is to be constantly surrounded by people and yet feel completely alone. Doan Bui’s La Tour is a novel of these peculiar, unsettling times that we live in.


I imagine my mother standing on the street side of Saigon, laughing, and smiling, with a cigarette in her mouth.

Quốc Ngữ: The Shackle that Became the Sword

Increasing access to education for common folk coupled with the centuries-long evolution of Quốc Ngữ provided Vietnamese dissidents with the skills and tools for a cultural renaissance to fuel the fight for independence.