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48 years after fall of Saigon, Vietnamese voices crucial to understanding Vietnam War’s impact

[USA TODAY] From escaping Vietnam and overcoming obstacles as refugees, to the second generation's navigation of cultural divides and family history, these stories are woven into the fabric of literature and art.

Book Review: O by Tammy Nguyen

O by Tammy Nguyen is a multi-layered narrative that resists meaning. The stories that Nguyen tells of the dental procedures needed to achieve the...

“It Can Be Half-True While Being All Wrong”: A Conversation with Hung Q. Tu

Much had to do with physically leaving San Francisco and the poetry scene in the early aughts. That was a period of extreme gentrification where block after block was seemingly falling to this phenomenon as if they were dominoes and I found myself among the casualties. Looking at where San Francisco is now, those days seem rather leisurely in its pace.

Spring Cleaning

You do find some solace in the beautiful craftsmanship of the golden Buddhas. The long fingers, long earlobes, and the nose like a bird beak all ascend into the sharp point at the top of the hair mound.

Going Through the Motions

The proper way to sit is boht cheung, with your legs folded to one side. I think it’s supposed to be more graceful than sitting cross-legged. This forces me to sit with my best posture, while guaranteeing that a leg will fall asleep in due time.


¨Call everyone to eat, koun. Come, come, while the food is warm¨

Book Review: All That’s Left Unsaid by Tracey Lien

Debut author Tracey Lien's novel, All That's Left Unsaid, uses the frame of a detective novel to richly explore the aftermath of a violent...

Trên Tháng Ngày Hờ Hững Phôi Phai

Tưởng nhớ ông Tô Văn Lai (1937-2022)--người kiến tạo Thuý Nga Paris By Night, đỉnh cao âm nhạc Việt tại hải ngoại.Nếu vị giác của người xa...