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Southeast Asia Now

Our special issue, Southeast Asia Now, aims to highlight current art and stories from the region.

Stranger to the Country

Among unconventional themes, the expression of pain in Lynh Bacardi’s work—the greatest depth of despair in lives of the social margins manifested—sheds light on what otherwise can be invisible to Vietnamese society.

Đây là một câu hỏi: Tôi viết tiếng Việt (một bài thơ mãi chưa xong)

Tiếng Việt chấm tôi: mi là người Việt.

This is a question: I write in Vietnamese (a not-yet-done poem)

The Vietnamese language punctuates me: you are a Viet person.


It’s true, you can’t block the path of a bulldozer. My father said it’s because a bulldozer doesn’t have feelings.


A curse crashed into the town’s shores.

Make _________ Great Again

The running thread throughout the selected works as addressing boundaries and borders, what’s considered in and out of a state, the inner and outer, and the private and public spheres of the social, economic, and political.

Đây (không) là một câu chuyện chàng nàng.

Ban đầu tôi định viết một câu chuyện chàng nàng.

This is (not) romance fiction.

Let's imagine this is a literary trial in which I was accused of the worst crime for a writer in my country—writing something worth writing about.