Monthly Archives: June, 2022

Book Review: Drawn Swords in a Distant Land

Departing from existing scholarship, Drawn Swords joins a growing trend to re-examine modern Vietnamese and Vietnamese-American history through the lens of the Republic of South Vietnam.

On Spectacles, TikTok, and Death: A Conversation with Jessica Q. Stark

The thing about Savage Pageant is that it’s a haunted text. It has haunted me in weird ways, and it constantly plays with the very blurred lines between serendipity, chaos, and connection.

Call for Submissions: The Music Issue

Submissions for our Music Issue are now open!

A Historical Exploration of the Female Áo Dài

“I am from cherry blossom. From áo dài and communion gown.” I have worn the áo dài, the traditional Vietnamese gown, for as long as I can remember, and have always been intrigued by it.

THIS IS FOR MẸ: Revisionist History

In this searing reflection, Jennifer Ly reflects on the simultaneous release and reconnection with her grandmother, her bà ngoại. As they scatter her ngoại's ashes...

Mẹ Kể Chuyện Ma // Ghost Stories: Toward an Ethics of Re-membering

Ghosts become memory dwellers for my mother who remembers all the ghosts from her life as a former, perhaps even forgotten, Vietnamese citizen.