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THIS IS FOR MẸ: Measuring the Present Past

Anna Nguyen generously shares a recipe for đồ chua, straight from her mother's mouth, then lovingly prepared by her hands, before the flavours and...

In the Diaspora: November 2022

News from the Vietnamese Diaspora►To Philly from Vietnam: ‘Immigrants should not be used as scapegoats’News from Việt Nam►18 Dogs Saved from Vietnam Slaughterhouse —...

Book Review: Pop Song by Larissa Pham

Pop Song is a beautiful work of criticism as it is a memoir, with Pham’s articulation of doubt, fear, and her attempts at love so raw and poignant.


But there was a story there—one I didn’t know, and one that others didn’t want to talk about. 

A letter to my sons

Will you ever hear tiếng Việt and feel like it welcomes you in a soft embrace, a home entering your heart through your ears?

Book Review: Salted Plums by Alison Hồng Nguyễn Lihalakha

Alison Hồng Nguyễn Lihalakha’s Salted Plums holds up a mirror to the experience of Vietnamese people whose diaspora took a detour away from the common direct route to California. 

Book Review: Dream of Me as Water by David Ly

Reading Dream of Me as Water by David Ly is like falling down a rabbit hole and discovering vibrant color and vivid imagination in the depths. An almost Alice in Wonderland-like experience, the book opens the way a drop of ink blooms in water: centered, before it spreads out. From there, Ly takes us from dreamscape to dreamscape, each poem subtly suspending reality at the same time it is very much grounded in it.