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Trư Cuồng—a thirty year-old warning

‘Flicisme’ is a term coined in the 1970s by them, those Vietnamese then reckoned the promising figures of a generation of young writers of...


How does a man prepare to meet his dead father-in-law for the first time?

Eric Nguyen Reviews ‘We Were Meant To Be A Gentle People’ by Dao Strom

diaCRITIC Eric Nguyen reviews Dao Strom's autobiographical multimedia project, We Were Meant To Be A Gentle People. This work is Strom's most personal one yet, and ties together prose, songs, and images to create a memoir that sheds light on the life of an diasporic artist trying to reconcile her lack of refugee origin story. 

Subscriber Drive! Win First Edition of The Sympathizer

It’s time for our third subscriber drive. We’re looking for 100 new subscribers for diaCRITICS, and we’ll be giving away a signed first edition of...

The Swallows Uncaged: A Narrative in Eight Panels by Elizabeth McLean

Jade Colbert reviews Elizabeth McLean's newest work, The Swallows Uncaged: A Narrative in Eight Panels. This review was originally published by The Globe and...

Kim Huynh’s New Book “Vietnam as if… Tales of Youth, Love and Destiny”

Author Kim Huynh has debuted his first work of fiction, Vietnam as if...Tales of youth, love and destiny; a collection of novellas focusing on life in...

Reviews of A History of the Vietnamese & Sources of Vietnamese Tradition

Tuan Hoang reviews K.W. Taylor, A History of the Vietnamese (Cambridge University Press, 2013); and George E. Dutton, Jayne S. Werner, and John K....

Jade Hidle Reviews Quan Barry’s She Weeps Each Time You’re Born

diaCRITIC Jade Hidle reviews Quan Barry's fiction debut, She Weeps Each Time You're Born, a novel that merges together Vietnamese history, magical realism, and heaps of dream-like imagery.

Natalie Porter bình luận tác phẩm Sài Gòn vùng giáp ranh: Những câu chuyện ngoài rìa

Qua một góc nhìn mới mẻ về trải nghiệm đô thị hóa của cư dân ở rìa thành phố Hồ Chí Minh, tác giả Erik Harms khám phá những “giao lộ nhập nhằng” giữa sự hình thành của những không gian cụ thể và mang tính biểu tượng, với những quan niệm của người Việt Nam về không gian xã hội, về mối quan hệ giữa nông thôn và thành thị và về hai khái niệm “nội thành” và “ngoại thành.”

Out of the Margins – “Iowa” (An Essay)

In the late summer of 1995 I arrived in Iowa City via Greyhound bus, toting one backpack and a guitar I could barely play, and I quickly found a room to rent in a house on the outskirts of town. A big white farmhouse set at the edge of cornfields and soybean fields, as I was told by the farmer and his wife who owned it, had been moved from another location just a few miles away.