Yearly Archives: 2024

Poetry: Southern Cross

From the archive, my father’s comedic song, 1+1 - Mage-llan, 2+2 - Lapu-lapu, reaches my ears.

Communications Manager

DVAN has an opening for a Communications Manager. This is an exciting opportunity. Read the job description and apply!

Grant Writer / Manager

DVAN has an opening for a Grant Writer/Manager. This is an exciting opportunity. Read the job description and apply!

Book Review: Room/Ystafell/Phòng

Room/Ystafell/Phòng is critically invested in verbalising, documenting, picturing the embodied experience of living in that queerness.

Book Review: Happy Stories, Mostly

Parasibu boldly takes different approaches to storytelling, from metafictional to slice-of-life, from realist to surrealist.

In the Diaspora: June 2024

►Mendicant monk Thích Minh Tuệ offers an embarrassing contrast to Vietnam elites ►Vietnamese shop online four times a month ►Vietnam GDP grew 6.93% in Q2 with...

Book Review: 36 Ways of Writing a Vietnamese Poem

While raw and brutalist in its self-critique, Le’s poetry also grants grace to the immigrant child who becomes a writer.

Poetry: ancestral

my memory is a respite is a mirage is a forgetting

Book Review: The Manicurist’s Daughter

The body is a major theme in Lieu’s stories. The body that exists pluralistically, that takes up multiple cultural spaces, the body as a refugee, and as a body that exists in a culture that promotes ridiculous beauty standards.

Longings: Contemporary Fiction by Vietnamese Women Writers

Drowning Dragon Slips by Burning Plains counters the narrative held in the West about women and the land of the quaintly "lush" and "charming" Mekong Delta.