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Out of the Margins :: Poems by Hoa Nguyen

WHO WAS ANDREW JACKSONHe was the seventh president of the United States He was responsible for the Indian Removal Act He was poor but ended up rich ...

Eric Nguyen Reviews ‘Night Sky With Exit Wounds’ by Ocean Vuong

Reviewed by Eric Nguyen. Reading Night Sky with Exit Wounds it becomes obvious that Vuong has a love-hate relationship with humanity: he loves it for its tenderness, he hates it for its violence. It’s a point of tension throughout these poems as Vuong explores his familial history, his countries’ histories, and his own life.

Viet Thanh Nguyen: The Immigrant’s Fate Is Everyone’s

diaCRITICS editor Viet Thanh Nguyen writes on the rigidity of defined borders and recognizing the importance of immigrants in America's history: "I am an immigrant. I am also a human being, an American, a Vietnamese, an Asian and a refugee. I do not have to choose among these identities, despite those who would insist that I do."

OUT OF THE MARGINS: Trinh Mai – Pt. 2 :: The Third Eye Series

These portraits give recognition to the inherent third eye. Guiding our discernment and intuition, it assists us in the search for answers. The stitching in the work, soft and possibly unnoticed, describes that small, quiet voice within us - that intuition that serves to guide us from moment to moment.