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In the Diaspora: February 2022

News from Việt Nam►'Heartbroken’ Vietnamese couple whose 12 dogs were culled over Covid spread rescue puppies►Vietnam see off Thailand to win 2022 AFF U-23...

Two Poems by Leon Barros

LISTEN · to the brume breathing boon and reaches · / looms and lingers low in the valley · where the / world-roof willows · spins its silver · scatters silence ·

ÁCCENTED: “Directing the Narrative: AAPI Representation in Film and Media”

D will feature a panel of directors, screenwriters, and distributors in film and media. Thien A. Pham, Bao Tran, and Hàm Trần will join Pulitzer-prize winning author Viet Thanh Nguyen in a conversation around Asian American representation on both small and big screens, focusing on behind the camera.

Book Review: All the Flowers Kneeling

Like many other Vietnamese American authors, Tran's writing navigates a Vietnamese American memory that is modified each time an experience is recalled.

“The Sinister Undertones Underneath the Undertones”: A Conversation with Mai Der Vang

Deputy Editor Sydney Van To talks to Mai Der Vang about documentary poetics, Hmong epistemology, and community building.

Dream of Green: A Cocktail and Conversation with Susan Nguyen

When I’m thinking about diaspora, I think about the grief and sadness for things that have happened (or didn’t happen) or things that have been lost. But there are also pockets of joy.