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false tooth picture

the best memory of my life / also consists of the worst one / visiting my grandparents in / Malaysia

“On Starting Over Again”: A Conversation Between Nguyễn Phan Quế Mai and Ly Tran

After having written my first book, I feel as though I'm in this incredible transition or transformative phase. In preparation for this novel, I am reinventing myself in a sense, and shedding all the layers of the person that I was when I was working on my first book.

Book Review: Mythical Man by David Ly

To enter the world of David Ly’s debut collection Mythical Man is to enter the body of Ly’s imagined monster: a monster erected to...

A Tight Fit

Spoken word recording:   You asked me how my hair got so black, and in your very next breath, told me to go back where do you want...


Your breath is / only learning its way eager, sporadic, chasing / the world to catch up