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ÁCCENTED | Dreaming in Verse: Poets of the Diaspora

ÁCCENTED returns on Thursday, December 9th with poets Hoa Nguyen, Joshua Nguyen, Susan Nguyen, and Truong Tran in conversation with Pulitzer-prize winning author Viet Thanh Nguyen on diasporic Vietnamese poetry. They'll be discussing their new books and careers, and sharing insights and wisdom into how we can continue to amplify diasporic narratives in the literary industry.

The Vietnamese Diaspora in Hebrew: A Conversation with Vaan Nguyen

Vaan Nguyen continues to transgress a “man’s world."

In the Diaspora: November 2021

News from the Diaspora ►San Jose Monument Dedicated to South Vietnamese Who Fought at Quang TriNews from Việt Nam ►Vietnam reconsiders methane-emitting rice amid climate crisis►Greek...

“Metaphor is a shelter”: A Conversation with Truong Tran

I saw myself like it was an out-of-body experience and I saw the silence that I existed in. As I stood at front of a classroom, teaching my students how to enact their voice and claim their power through their voices. And there I was: silent and living a lie.

City of Flood: Triptych

"Morning seems like night. / How long has it been raining? / I walk down the stairs / to find an unwelcomed guest: / a pool of muddied / water"

Bee Nguyen: “Our Votes Are Important As Well”

"In order to meet voters where they are, we have to see that continued investment, and the AAPI community is part of that investment."

Yellow Kodak Dream

My first love gave me his yellow Kodak M35 before he moved, as if he knew we’d never see each other again. I told him no, I wasn’t taking that. He said that he had too much to bring with him anyway, and I accepted that half-ass excuse.

THIS IS FOR MẸ: Coffee and Culture with Phin

In this Q&A with Phin founder, Bao Nguyen, Jess Boyd delves into the poetry, passion and proverbs behind the coffee shop that creates community and caffeinated comfort in Seattle's Little Saigon.

Generation Tales

The video series “Generation tales” takes place between different times and places. By connecting fragments of past, present and future, the diasporic becomes a lived experience.