AAAS x SWHNMs Panel/Diasporic Poem Performance

On Friday, April 9, 2021, She Who has No Master(s), a collective project of womxn and nonbinary writers of the Vietnamese diaspora who engage in collaborative, polyvocal, and hybrid-poetic works, will be sharing a collaborative poem/video performance and engaging in a panel discussion at the Association for Asian American Studies Annual Conference 2021.

SWHNM is a project of the Diasporic Vietnamese Artists Network.

Please register here: $50 for members, $25 for students and people making under $50,000, and $100 for non-members.


Event Details:

3909: Ecological Sounds of the Vietnamese Diaspora

As continued and emerging studies reveal, sound plays an instrumental role in the health of our local and global ecologies. In thinking about this year’s conference theme, “Unsettling Transpacific Ecologies,” it is crucial to examine the transpacific and diaspora boundaries between sound and soundlessness, where being alive, noticed (or watched), acknowledged (or ignored) intersects with one’s ability to sound, or be quiet. How are these borders further complicated by markers of race, gender, and class? How loud can we be, and where, and when–and how does our sounding affect how others sound in response, in return (and vice versa)?

Of course, there are myriad ways of sounding: through music, song, poetry, storytelling, noise, dialogue, speech, and silence, all of which have visualized components for sounding as well (sheet music, pages, scripts, image), including the movement of bodies which channel these sounds. Each of these presenters work with the complicated tensions, shifting borderlands, and invisible inequities latent within social bodies (individual, communal, geographical, and historical). This panel is an event for them to generate and share with each other the ecological sounds of our current moment within the diaspora.


Mai C. Doan, Unaffiliated
Vi Khi Nao, Black Mountain Institute
Hoa Nguyen, Milton Avery School for Fine Arts at Bard College
Dao Strom, Diasporic Vietnamese Artist Network
Nhã Thuyên, AJAR Press
Barbara Tran, Unaffiliated
Phuong T. Vuong, University of California, San Diego – She Who Has No Master(s) Collaboration



Apr. 9th, 2021


10:00 am - 11:30 am

Local Time

  • Timezone: America/Los_Angeles
  • Date: Apr. 9th, 2021
  • Time: 10:00 am - 11:30 am


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