List of ÁCCENTED Shows

Season 3

  (02/2022 - )

ÁCCENTED 24: Challenging Discourse: Changing the Paradigm on Refugee Studies

Guests: Lan Duong, Yến Lê Espiritu

ÁCCENTED 23: In the Spaces of Silences: Becoming Familiar with Things Unsaid

Guests: Doan Bui, Sophia Terazawa

ÁCCENTED 22: An Ode to Family Bonds: Building Complex Characters with Complicated Dynamics

Guests: Carolyn Huynh, Tracy Lien

ÁCCENTED 21: Melodies from the Mekong: How Traditional Instruments are Creating New and Contemporary Music

Guests: Vân-Ánh “Vanessa” Võ, Dr. Alexander Cannon

Season 2

  (09/2021 - 05/2022)

ÁCCENTED 20: Turning the Page: Celebrating the Texas Tech University Press and DVAN Publishing Partnership

Guests: Abbigail Nguyen Rosewood, Travis Snyder, Katherina Nguyen

ÁCCENTED 19: Tea and Tarot: A Reading for Jupiter-Neptune Conjunction in Pisces

Guests: Hoa Nguyen, Cathy Linh Che, Paul Tran

ÁCCENTED 18: Advancing the Plot: Community Organizing and Activism in AAPI Communities

Guests: Loan Thi Dao, Nghiep “Ke” Lam, Nkauj Iab Yang

ÁCCENTED 17: Directing the Narrative: AAPI Representation in Film and Media

Guests: Thien A. Pham, Bao Tran, Hàm Trần

ÁCCENTED 16: The Art of Healing: Mental Health in Diasporic Communities

Guests: James Huỳnh, Dr. Yvone Y. Kwan, Danny Thien Le, Dr. Thu Quach

ÁCCENTED 15: Dreaming in Verse: Poetry in Diaspora

Guests: Hoa Nguyen, Joshua Nguyen, Susan Nguyen, Truong Tran

ÁCCENTED 14: Not Your Lotus Blossom: Vietnamese Women in Cinema

Guests: Kiều Chinh, Ysa Le, Jes Vũ

ÁCCENTED 13: Writers in Diaspora

Guests: Ly Tran, Violet Kupersmith


  (02/2021 - 05/2021)

ÁCCENTEDiRL: Writers in the Diaspora

Guests: Thi Bui, Vincent Lam, Eric Nguyen, and Kim Thúy

ÁCCENTEDiRL: April 30th

Guests: Lan Cao, Duong Van Mai Elliott, Le Ly Hayslip, Marcelino Truong

ÁCCENTEDiRL: Tales from the Margins

Guests: Paul Bonnell, H’Rina DeTroy, Kao Kalia Yang, Souvankham Thammavongsa

ÁCCENTEDiRL: A Night of Poetry

Guests: Bao Phi, Cathy Linh Che, Diana Khoi Nguyen, Paul Tran

Season 1

  (06/2020 - 06/2021)

ÁCCENTED 12: DVAN x Kaya Press: Ink & Blood

Guests: Line Papin, Adriana Hunter, Karl Ashoka Britto, Isabelle Thuy Pelaud, Neelanjana Banerjee

ÁCCENTED 11: The Committed

Guests: Francois Chau, Nguyen Phan Que Mai, Kim Ly

ÁCCENTED 10: ÁCCENTED x She Who Has No Master(s): Tea & Tarot

Guests: Hoa Nguyen, Dao Strom, Thi Bui, Isabelle Thuy Pelaud

ÁCCENTED 9: For Your Consideration: Vietnamese American Filmmakers

Guests: Bao Nguyen, Carol Nguyen

ÁCCENTED 8: Southeast Asian Theatre Arts & Performance

Guests: Marc dela Cruz, Qui Nguyen, Diep Tran, Susan Lieu

ÁCCENTED 7: ÁCCENTED x She Who Has No Master(s): Would That

Guests: Vi Khi Nao, Diana Khoi Nguyen, Dao Strom, Sophia Terazawa

ÁCCENTED 6: Southeast Asian Food & Festivity

Guests: Tu David Phu, Erin O'Brien, Mark Padoongpat

ÁCCENTED 5: Nobody Ever Dies

Guests: Thao & The Get Down Stay Down

ÁCCENTED 4: Art, Activism & Advocacy

Guests: Thi Bui, Tram T. Nguyen, Dr. Tung Nguyen

ÁCCENTED 3: Vietnamese Representation On Screen and Behind the Scenes

Guests: Kieu Chinh, Jenni Trang Le, Bao Nguyen, Viet Nguyen

ÁCCENTED Dialogues in Diaspora

Guest: Phuc Tran

ÁCCENTED Dialogues in Diaspora

Guest: Nguyễn Phan Quế Mai