Singer Cathy Nguyen featured in New York Times

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My colleague at USC, Josh Kun, has an article in the New York Times today talking about Asian American musicians. He draws attention to what many of us suspect, that Asian American musicians have lots of talent but don’t get lots of airplay or television time because producers fear American audiences just aren’t used to them. But in the article, Josh points to a whole slew of deserving musicians, including Cathy Nguyen, a.k.a. lilcdawg on her Youtube channel, which he says is one of the 50 most subscribed channels on YouTube. I checked it out. She has a terrific acoustic rendition of “Knock You Down” by Keri Hilson on the channel right now. And she’s really different than the other Nguyen diaCRITICS profiled recently, Thao.

Cathy Nguyen is 22. It’s great looking at what a new generation of Vietnamese Americans is producing musically, alongside and also way beyond Paris by Night.

–Viet Nguyen

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  1. Dao Strom was once known as a Nguyen as well. Popular name! Incidentally, during the time that I was Dao’s music manager, I went to Thao’s show at SXSW 2009 and gave Thao Dao’s cd. Not sure if those two have met yet. I also brought Dao’s regards and cd to Laura Gibson, who, although not part of the same Diaspora, is closer in aesthetic.
    If you know Dao, and many DVAN people do, you probably can guess that she would be slightly embarrassed by me posting this comment.
    If I ever see a Cathy Nguyen show I will probably disavow any of this and hopefully just leave her alone or anonymously say “nice show” or “thanks for playing for us”.

  2. Hi there, I really like her acoustic. hope that one day Vietnamese American singers will debut their songs globally 😀

    By the way, I just came by this blog. thanks for the posts

  3. Agreed, Viet. I have a good friend (Giana Nguyen) who is working on her debut album. I will definitely post something about her when she releases it end of summer.


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