H'Rina DeTroy

H'Rina DeTroy is a Brooklyn-based Montagnard American writer. She was the recipient of the Cafe Royal Cultural Foundations Winter 2020 Grant in Literature, and the 2019 Emerging Writer Fellowship at Aspen Word in Memoir. Roxane Gay selected her essay entitled "The Vengeance of Elephants" for the 2017 Curt Johnson Prose in Creative Nonfiction by the literary journal, December Magazine. An adjunct instructor in New York City, she also offers private workshops. In the similar spirit of "Apocalypse Never," she created "Multi-Verses: Writing Our Immigrant Origin Stories."

Bottlenecks: My Mother’s Walks and Other Perils

Before the pandemic, my mother and I took walks. A temporary truce to our bickering, physical activity and fresh air made us better.

Apocalypse Never: Writing Our Origin Stories and Imaginative Futures as Montagnard Americans

If history is made durable by the survival of the written records, as Montagnard Americans in the twenty-first century, a radical act against our historical erasure is to write our stories now.