Jade Hidle


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    Dr. Jade Hidle is the proud Vietnamese-Irish-Norwegian daughter of a refugee. Grateful for the sacrifices the women before her made, she is a first-generation college graduate. Jade is currently a faculty member in the Letters Department at MiraCosta College where she is the English Instructor for the Mana Program serving NHPI students, as well as the creator of the college’s first Asian American Literature course.

    Also a published author, Jade’s travel memoir, The Return to Viet Nam, is available on Amazon, and her work has also been featured in Michigan Quarterly Review: Mixtape, Southern Humanities Review, Poetry Northwest, Witness Magazine, Flash Fiction Magazine, The West Trade Review, Bangalore Review, Columbia Journal, New Delta Review, and the Diasporic Vietnamese Artists Network’s diaCRITICS. You can follow her work at jadehidle.com or on Instagram @jadethidle.