GB Tran Is A Cartoonist Dad in the “Age of Covid”

"A cartoonist has gotta cartoon, though, so I redirected my energy into these spontaneous diary comics to document and process this next normal. Five months later, they've become essential in maintaining my sanity during these continued insane times."

New Methods of Expression: The Art of Betty Nguyễn

Underbellies are beautiful. I am drawn to shadows and reflections because they decenter the dominant subject, the main message, and instead reveal the margins of a substance.

When a sound is indefinitely reverberated, who thinks of doubting his ears?

The sounds that permeate the places of our memories and our everyday lives can often feel like background noise, negligible to its environs. It's not often that sounds are explored as a source of grounding to a place, and it's exactly what the online exhibition, "Nameless. echoes, spectres, hisses," intends to explore.

An Altar to Resilience: “Sự Hồi Tưởng” Installation at SOMArts

Although those who died at sea were not our blood relatives, we still consider them our ancestors, as the journey of the Thuyền Nam is so intimately linked to who we are. For these lost ancestors, we wanted to create a space that was warm, inviting, and beautiful. We wanted to create a space that would make them feel special.

Frame to Focus with Vietnamese American Women Artists ~ Call For Submissions

Frame to Focus: Vietnamese American Women Artists is a catalog/ anthology project dedicated to the artistic work and voices of contemporary Vietnamese American women designed to celebrate their individual and collective creative genius.

Making a Universe: Christine Nguyen & the Nature of Her Art

"One of my goals is to have the viewers to slow down and put themselves in this imaginary world and think about their own natural environment, experience my imaginary one, and appreciate nature more."