Making Meaning: A Conversation with Artist Quynh Lam

"Further, the art is as much for the audience as it is for me, in that I alone do not get to decide what my art means."

A Surveillance: Review of Quynh Lam’s “I Am Not a Spy”

I Am Not a Spy is a claustrophobic performance. The audience is locked out of the gallery but can watch her either through the...

Art Makers: A Conversation with Filmmaker Carol Nguyen & Writer Julie Mai

"How do you acknowledge that you're an ancestor while also, there are still living ancestors in your life that you're still writing from."

Languaged: “Bite the Tongue” Online Exhibit

Bite the tongue is an online programme investigating notions of language and translation (or absence thereof) in the context of Southeast Asia.

Drum Majors: James Nguyen & Victoria Pham on RE:SOUNDING

RE:SOUNDING is also a subversion of what James calls their “white inheritance”. Like many from diasporic communities who have grown up in Australia, the worldview in which they’re embedded, the one they’re taught at school and university, considers non- Western cultures to be flat, one-dimensional and removed from contemporary society. The result is a physical and spiritual disconnection from their own cultural heritage.

Thuy-Van Vu’s Art Points to the Story Beyond the Subject

The story changes the longer you look, and even when you turn away from the canvas, a haunting afterimage lingers—like a memory of a bittersweet encounter, or of the first book that made you cry.